Your name is…Well, you have many name’s actually. But to those who don’t know you, you introduce yourself as The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel fandom. It’s a long name, so sometimes you prefer The Alchemyst or SINF. You enjoy reading books on mythology and talking to some of your…Er…less human like friends. You distrust crows for many, many reasons.
You also have a book in a pouch that you always keep on you. You start hissing if someone tries to take it and will most likely fight to get it back.
You’re also sometimes seen fighting very odd things…but that could just be a gas leak…
You also have a habit of disappearing and ending up half way around the world.
Supernatural fandom has no idea how to handle you or even what you are.
But you’re just a normal immortal with an aura. Silly humani.
(I don’t know if fandomstuck is still going on but here’s my contribution. The SINF fandom! Woo. Now can I get a cookie or star for trying? If you guys don’t like the colors, I have a blank you can try.)